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BodyCard™ strengthens women’s confidence through fashion and beauty.

We deliver women eye catchy and edgy products that are within budget.

We vision a world full of confident women who have the power to lead, inspire and encourage others now and forever.


We are always looking to host and attend

Pop-Up Shops in all major cities. We've

popped up to Los Angeles, CA, Detroit, MI,

Ypsilanti, MI, Milwaukee, WI, Chicago, IL

and Dayton, OH. Watch our growth to

bring more styles

and increase inventory.  

Come shop with us!



As BodyCard's CEO, I'd like to first thank you for visiting the site and share my why behind creating BodyCard. Since the mid 1990's it has been a dream of mine to become a Fashion Designer. I believe that I have a gifted talent for creativity. I have the ability to sew, sketch, draw, paint, design, style and many more. I’m the friend you call to come help you find something to wear. In less than 10 minutes, I can put outfits together

that you never knew exist! My style, grace and talents is something I would love to share to the world. 

I'm giving you a 10 percent off coupon code "LAUNCH17" to go shop the site and find something that brings out your

BodyCard features. Whether it's a lace up dress or a form fitting jumpsuit, I'm sure it'll fit PERFECT!

I really believe BodyCard brings out your inner beauty, alter ego and confidence.

Now shop and let me see your BodyCard!


Cheetah Print

Yanae, Model

Hey World,

I'm Ya-NAE the evolving

Bomb Mommy

bringing sass to BC.

Follow Me @MSWILSON414

BodyCard Model

Nova, Model

What's uppp?!

It's Nova an inspiring

R&B Artist 

bringing swag, heat 

and consistency to BC.

Follow Me @OHGNOVA

BodyCard CEO

Shante' Jackson


Thank you for visiting

the site! I bring it ALL

emphasizing in

Visual Content

bringing inspo to BC.

Follow Me @SHANTE__j

Blue Fur

Alexus, Model

Lexy is the name!

I'm an inspiring

Fashion Model 

bringing EXECUTION 

to BC.


Pink Silk Dress

Sierra, Model

Just call me CC btw,

I'm a signed 

Fashion Model 

bringing energy to BC.


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