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Creating BodyCard

Hey BC Chicks,

Today is Thursday September 12th 2017 and I'm currently creating BC's website! I must say this website is a lot harder than I expected. I was expecting this to be a walk in the park with modern technology. I know your probably wondering why didn't I just pay someone to do it. But the answer is not money!

Yes, I have a decent job and yes I'm well paid however when you want something done right you have to do it yourself, RIGHT! Maybe one day when BodyCard spreads like wild fire and I can no longer run this business alone I'll hire some employees. For now I must fight this battle alone and with the help of friends and family.

When I think of BodyCard I think of everyone whose confident in their skin, This could be any shape, size, gender or ethnicity. "If you got it and you want it, come get some of BodyCard.". Eww that saying wasn't so hip. I'll get back to the drawing board. :)

I guess I'll get back to creating BodyCard's website because my student loans can't pay themselves. I hope BC can help me pay this handsome guy called Nelnet back. Also known at Sallie Mae. Anywho, I pledged to bring some of the hottest trends, looks and styles right before you eyes!

Stay Tuned!


Love Shante

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